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This genealogy database actually contains 636 persons in 227 family groups,
living (or lived) in Norway, Germany, Venezuela and USA.

The database was last updated at 10-Feb-2001.

This page is available only in english!

The following *.htm pages are in english, the information out of the database
(e.g. occupation, references, etc.) is in german.

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All data is maintained on my ©Amiga with the database program ©Scion from Robbin J Akins, the *.htm - pages have been automatically generated by the Arexx-script ©Scion2html.rexx from Harold Ipolyi.
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Gunnar Knupe
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Tel: (++49) 7553 / 26 49 877
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What's new!
  • new!10-Feb-2002: 124 new persons and 31 new family groups in the Vater branch of the family - thanks to data from Edna Wakefield.
  • 16-Oct-2001: A new child is born in the venezuelan branch of the family: Michael Christian Barany Petersen
  • 17-Jun-2001:47 new persons and 28 new family groups and correction of some names - thanks to Andrei Zahn!
  • 29-Dec-2000:14 new persons and 1 new family group and some missing birth dates - thanks to Lieselotte!
  • 2-Dec-2000: 30 new persons and 11 new families and again a mass of missing dates - thanks to Lieselotte!
  • 24-Jul-2000: 17 new persons and 7 new families plus a mass of missing dates - thanks to Gabriele!
  • 24-Apr-2000: 6 new persons and 2 new families! Also corrected some dates.
  • 12-Mar-2000: Some missing birthday dates inserted.
  • 05-Mar-2000: Added a link page for postscript printouts for some people (on request).
  • 04-Mar-2000: 34 new persons and 12 new families!
  • 03-Mar-2000: Started this history list.


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